Images in WP 3.2.1

… And of course now this proves that editing a WordPress blog from an iPad is easy-peasy. Just standard stuff using safari.

So now I’ve done the whole update all parts of WordPress.  Let’s see if images still insert and display the way they should.  Of course if they do, then the first support rule of thumb will be to tell folks to fully update their WP installation as well as all their plug-ins.

Ta-da! you guessed correctly.  It’s yet more drupal example images.  Yumm0!

Image loading problems?

Folks are reporting problems with loading images.  It may be happening after a WordPress update, but maybe not.  Anyway I’m try doing a image insert here and we’ll see.  Then maybe I’ll do a WordPress full updates and try another image upload.  Here’s the pict:

Yup that’s right, it’s all about playing with images in Drupal.  Oh boy, big time fun.  Let’s publish this puppy now.